Monday, October 17, 2011

I so desperately needed to spend some time at the beach today.
I needed the salt air,
the wind in my hair,
the sound of the water and seagulls.
I needed to be in that space where the ocean meets the river.
To collect shells,
to hold one,
pray into it
and release it back into the waters it came from.

The moon is still out today.
It was so amazingly beautiful last night,
big and red and hanging low in the sky!
A red harvest moon.
It was so low it was almost on top of the ocean it was reflecting off of.
I wish I had my camera with me!

It is a true New England fall day.
Hope you enjoy yours!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous images. I love nature's shapes. I also yearn for sea air, almost crave it sometimes. Why is it so addictive?

  2. looks like such a gorgeous day to be out at the beach!

  3. Rachel, i don't know, but for me, it is in my marrow. i have lived by other types of water, fresh water and brackish, but there is something about the salt that my body needs....

  4. I have an affinity with the ocean too. I grew up in coastal towns, and I love walking outside and being able to smell the sea ~ it's so calming.
    And I love the look Veda is giving you! Bailey-dog gives this look: It says, "I'm doing this not because I want to but because I know it'll make you happy". So much personality in that one cheeky eyeball! ;)

  5. lovely pictures, great talking to you today at the fair :)