Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Snow... Part 1

A few days ago we got a beautiful, happy snow.
We didn't get much (maybe about an inch), but it was sticky so it held onto and covered everything.
It was most wonderful to explore the forest with...

As per usual (and because I think the sad reality is that winter is a dying season around here)the next day it was 50 degrees and the snow was gone in an instant.
Today is the same story, but raining.
It is hard enough already, living on the coast, it effects the temperature and the weather so much.

I love snow.
A snowy winter day is my favorite time of year to be outside in the woods...
Do any of you feel the same way?
Have you noticed the change in the seasons where you are?

I am so thankful for the few days of snow we do get now.
I am hoping we get snow again soon (it is supposedly predicted for tomorrow, so fingers crossed).



  1. I love snow, too. It's so cozy to stay inside watching it build up and waiting to hear the plows. I love to walk along the beach during a snowstorm. I still listen with anticipation to the school closings even though my kids are all grown up... silly me
    Glad to see you back, have missed your posts this January, busy girl. :) Jules

  2. The balls of snow on th' pups legs! Nice pics of your forest after a snow. Your beloved snow! I'm afraid winter is waning in this state too. We've had two snows this winter and they didn't amount to much. I see next week the temps are suppose to be in the low 60's! Feb is normally very cold and winter like. Waaaa!! Who doesn't believe in climate change?!
    Keep knitting and enjoy what your winter may bring. xo