Friday, January 8, 2010

My favorite, most wonderful hand spun yarn...

Oh, so happy! Oh, joy! Joy! Joy! This is my debut, I guess, of my happy hand spun yarn... This one is my favorite. It is hand spun and dyed with natural acid dyes, what do you think? Well, I am totally proud of it and although normally I have a hard time bragging about my work (especially since I am my own worst critic), I have to say that I adore my yarns that I created. I pretty much taught myself how to clean, card, spin (with both drop spindle and my beloved spinning wheel which I found for $10 in working condition at the flea market this summer) and dye, and this is a beautiful example of what I accomplished...
...(Sigh)... So there, I just bragged about myself... Huh, it felt good... Yay, Me! Maybe I will have to try it again some time soon (smirk).... Its a date!


  1. Hi there! thanks for following and now you have a follower too! your blog is great, love your work and we will have to compare gardening notes this spring! welcome to Bloglandia! caterina

  2. AHH! yay! my first follower, thanks! i love your blog as well. I cant wait to get my hands in the dirt, my boyfriend built me a cold frame this fall, but I started too late and my seedlings (albeit they are alive) are still just seedlings. Its a good experiment though!