Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Greenies and the obsession with baskets

I love doing this post. Thanks to Kassi at Bacwood ferns...
In fact, I was just thinking about it today (although I didn't realize that it was tuesday yet, my brain is slow with the snow and lack of sun).
I was on a walk with Mr. Man and pups (who were in the lead, of course) and I was wishing that I was wearing my greenies (green rubber boots) instead of my faux uggs.
The snow, however beautiful it may be, has gotten a bit slushy and is no good when wearing boots not made of rubber.
So it was that thought that got me thinking about the 'two things I love'...
I was thinking:
"I love my greenies so much,
(I'm not quite sure, but in my head my reanimation voice is a dopey, deep baritone, very weird I think)
I could wear them everyday, but I wish they were just a teensy weensy bit bigger!
('cos I was excited when purchasing them on sale at the end of summer and didn't quite think about winter socks)"
So when we returned to our abode and I went online to check my blog, I saw that Kassi had posted that it was in fact Tuesday and that it was time again for 'Two things I love'...
So yippee!
Here they are!
First is, of course, my beloved greenies...

Here they are, in all their greenie glory!
And, second of the two things I love in my home is not actually a single thing...
It is more like an obsession.
I LOVE (love, love, love) baskets...
I have a million.
But, as an herbalist and artist, most of them are in use all the time.
So I will show a snippet of my well loved and used, but organizationally abused fiber arts corner in all its baskety abundance:

And here it begins...
(this is just one on this shelving system)

Here is some more 'organized chaos'...

Same corner, same 'organized chaos', different angle.
So the baskets aren't just one thing, but as a genre, I think they are..
And those are 'two things I love... around my house'!
what do you love?


  1. thanks for joining in on the fun!!!
    i always enjoy reading your posts - so cleverly written!
    love the greenies
    love the baskets - did you make them yourself?

  2. Your organized chaos looks A LOT more organized than mine, for sure! Also, thank so much for stopping by my blog. Posey is gorgeous! I love parrots, and I'm glad you told me to visit!

  3. Kassi- thanks so much, I really enjoy your blogs as well, and I love tuesdays! I wish I made the baskets! oneday, its on my list of things to play around with (along with many other things)

    Danielle- thanks, its so hard to stay organized in the moment of work, I have lots of piles!
    I am glad you stopped by! Flojo is so beautiful! I love birds too, a little obsessed I think... They are so amazing!

    Have a good night you two!

  4. i'm loving your use of baskets. This is giving me an idea for organizing my chaos, especially as i unpack. You can find some great ones at thrift stores or yard sales for cheap and how useful they are as you've shown. GREAT IDEA! :)

    and you can't go wrong with rain boots. mine are pink :) i got them as a gift when i was reporting during bad flooding, and now i wear them EVERY CHANCE I GET. no use in ruining heels right? lol

    right now i'm loving open frames hung up, and candle holders to feel like jane austen.

  5. i love that you organize with baskets! they look so pretty. the organized chaos makes me happy :).

    oh...and thanks so much for sharing the precious pictures of your furry friends with me! they are all so stinking cute! and speaking of furry creatures....i'm loving your little owls. they're adorable. what a talented woman you are!