Friday, January 29, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

Its Friday!
Which means, thanks to lauren via kassi,
Feel free to play along, its fun! and you can link yourself up with the rest of us having fun here.

1. If I weren't an artist/herbalist I'd love to be I don't know, maybe an artist that makes a profit, but still has integrity like a new artist or a clothing designer, or traveler, or herb and flower farmer... but i really like being an artist and an herbalist .

2. When I'm super upset I cry. its embarrassing, but I can't seem to stop myself... fyi, I also cry when I am embarrassed, or super happy, or listening to music...

3. My favorite thing about myself is my creativity, sense of humor, my size (I like being small) and my eyes (when they aren't being sensitive and irritated) .

4. If I found a $100 in the pocket of last winter's coat I'd spend it on either taking my dog to the vet for an exray (in hopes that may tell me what is going on with him) .

5. Even though some people might consider this a flaw, I love my hair. I have dread locks (although I hate calling them that because I am not a rastafarian... so I call them my roots) .

6. I love the way I feel after a good walk with the dogs, especially on a nice day and the forest or beach smells strong... or when I am really in the groove creating and thats all I can focus on and am actually getting things accomplished and produced .

7. I love my hair most when it's humid out or after I wash it because I get little curls around my face (normally my hair that isn't knotted up is mousy, fine and fairly bodiless, blah!)

Have a great weekend!


  1. When I first saw your picture I wondered if you had dreads. I absolutely love them.
    Anyways, I'm headed to the post office in the morning (hooray!). Have a great weekend Brittan!

  2. i love that you call your dreads your roots. that makes me happy. and i also love that you love what you do. so few people can actually say that....myself for one. what a gift to actually know what you love and be doing it!

    glad you played along!

    hope you have a lovely weekend!