Sunday, January 10, 2010

A picture for Healing

I am posting this picture for my mom, she has had a rough 2 days and has to been in the hospital. She is ok, but I am posting this for beauty, healing and positive thinking, and to come home tomorrow and not tuesday...

What a stressful 2 days. Yesterday, my Mom's boyfriend called to say that my mom had gone to the hospital because she was feeling pain in her chest, but said she was fine. So Andy and I rushed down to see her. She was going to be spending the night, just in case. I was waiting this morning to hear how she was doing and that she was going home and as we were about to head out to go to some antique shops in the next town, my sister called and said that they were moving her to another hospital because they thought she was having a heart attack. So we did a quick U-turn and headed in that direction... Thankfully she is ok, the doctors think she just had a virus. So she will be staying at the hospital for another day or two. So we are back home now, we had to come back to feed the dogs and put posey bird to sleep. I hope she is ok tonight and not in any pain, hope she gets to go home tomorrow!

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