Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beauty Snow and High Tide...

So I survived New Years Eve (and day) and witnessed the snow storm from a beautiful spot in the woods. This is a picture of our shepherd mix, Jacob, out for our snowy walk through the woods. He really looks like a wolf out there! He and Veda love the snow and jump at snowballs, it is quite entertaining!
It was so beautiful again to wake up this morning to more shimmering snow fluttering around and the wood stove radiating and warming my toes. Oh, and we also were finally plowed out this afternoon! Yay! So Andy and I went for a drive around the coast to see the high tide... It was supposed to be a record breaking one and it was! I have never seen it so high. The waves were crashing on the rocks and the beaches were pretty much gone. It is amazing what kind of effect snow can have. Everything is so beautiful all clean and white and quiet.

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