Thursday, January 28, 2010

Having a Dress Craving...

I have to admit it,
although sometimes I really hate to,
I love clothes...
Plain and simple.
And right now,
I am in love with dresses,
although I don't have too many.
Dresses are particularly love worthy to me right now
because I wear leggings alot.
Like every day.
So I thought I would share some of the dresses that I have found
and wish that I could find really cheap second hand,
seeing as I have taken a challenge of the utmost kind!
and that I have not much money to buy it with...
I thought that I would share a handful of my favorites that I found on
the modcloth website.
so fun!
and so pretty!
Here's to wishing
(and maybe magically manifesting!)

Very Pretty!
Love the colors and the cowl... and the whole dress!

Looks comfy.

I especially like this one.

So they are mostly still sort of wintery,
But I think they are incredibly cute!
What kind of dresses
(or clothes)
do you wish for?
Wishing you all a wonderful day!


  1. oh such lovelies! forbidden fruit as Tif likes to say eh? I love Homefrocks of Santa Fe. check them out. perfect with tights and everything is so beautifully made and they are a husband and wife team. they make small batches of clothes and they are very arty! : )

  2. Oooo those are all so cute! I've been craving dresses lately too but it's way to cold here to wear dresses.
    PS Have you checked out my blog today? You should!

  3. Very pretty dresses! I wish I had a few more that looked good with boots, because ballet flats make my feet too cold in the winter!

  4. @Danielle... Here! Here! I agree... I tried to go out in my purple flats a couple of days ago because it had been in the 40's. thats almost like summer in new england, right? WRONG! I was so sad, it just wasn't going to happen. And to make matters worse, the jeans I had on with the flats fit me so perfectly (which is difficult because I am short and picky about jean styles) until I washed them and now they wont stretch back out enough. I ended up changing. It was a sad day.

  5. these are so adorable!