Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our house...

I don't think that I have too much that is very interesting to share this morning... But I am thankful that the wind has died down and the temperature has gone up a little bit. I don't mind winter at all, in fact I quite like it most of the time, but the freezing cold, really strong wind I just cannot deal with. One little gap in my scarf for a brief moment and I have a chill for the rest of the day!

So anyways, I like when there are pictures (in general) in posts, especially when they are of peoples lives because I am always interested in peoples lives (not in a nosey, gossipy kind of way, just how people are and their everyday life)... So I thought that I would share a few of our house...

I have a love hate relationship with the place we live in. We live on what I guess you would call an old estate. We live in the building that used to be the barn and there is an old rundown greenhouse next to it (which, when we moved here, before we knew all of the drama involved with being here, thought we would fix up an use... that didn't and will not happen, unfortunately).

Things are a bit better, I guess, since they finally replaced the roof that was leaking into the house in more than a few places and the window above the wood stove and near the heater that had a 1 inch gap in it that went directly outside (let's just say that heating was very difficult and costly last year!).

It is a really beautiful space, unique open layout, but the building is granite which makes it very difficult to control moisture in the warmer months... Not to mention pretty much all of the windows are rotting out so many of them don't open.

However, to look at our "cottage" it looks a bit like a fairytale outside and really would be an ideal space if it were just a little bit different...

But for the time being, this is where we live, until we can find another place that we can afford around here with 2 dogs (renting) or if not here, another place that suits us.
So here are a few pictures of the main room from left to right if you walk in our "front door" (which is actually on the opposite side of the house from where you park)...

Well, this is pretty close to the front door, but the propane wasn't as visually pleasing or interesting...
And that is Jacob on his big smooshy bed that he loves.

Our chaotic book case. This and the wood stove were what made us decide move here. Up behind the top of the bookshelf is a room with a half wall that we use as a studio/storage for all the gigantic puppets which aren't there in this picture because we have moved things around a bit since last year when these were taken...

This is the kitchen. Behind the stone wall on the right are stairs to the bedroom (thats where the window up above looks into).

This corner is constantly changing... I was using it for consultations when I gave them at my house. Right now it has the christmas tree there. Yes it is still up because we got the most amazing tree this year in the white mtns. (another story altogether) and it still is alive, it just started dropping a few needles and smells beautiful! HA HA HA, I just realized that my shadow is in the bottom right corner of this picture.

This is Veda in front of the sliding glass door. Before the roof and window above the stove was fixed we has to close off as many doors/windows from use as possible during the winter months, so we just used the "front" door (which was also covered with plastic and a blanket because its drafty). My plants liked it though! They had the sunlight all to themselves.

This was at a potluck we had (we had to move the plants for that one so everyone could easily get in the door). This was a ways into it when the hoola hoops came out (probably not the best idea with 4 - 5 gallon carboys right out at hoop level, but luckily nothing was broken!), it was so much fun!

And so that is the main room, well pretty much the whole house...
I do love being here, in the woods but down the street from the ocean.
But it is difficult when we have to battle bugs (we live near the vernal ponds... lots of mosquitoes... I am always on patrol in the house because of Posey) and mold and rotting windows all the time.

As artists, we have a lot of "stuff" (to put it simply) and it is hard to store things when there is so much moisture.

Maybe my dream house will manifest itself and be affordable to us...
I can only hope!

Until then, I am thankful for such a beautiful, quite space.

What is your house like?



  1. I loved looking at your house, it have a really nice layout, and I love all of your plants and books! I also like to see how & where other people live!

  2. sweet post love, so fun to see your adorable house!

  3. Thanks ladies! I am only sorry that everything looks so cluttered, but that is kind of how we live I guess... and I guess that is a good thing because it means we are always active and working on something... but still, sometimes I wish I could be a minimalist and have everything clean and tidy and fresh looking, he he!

  4. i am the same way so i'm so glad you showed your house because i love it! can i come over? lol your book shelf- gorgeous!

    i love the yellow! that shade... mustard yellow? is hat what yo'd call it? i love it. and the hanging baskets... your sitting buddha. everything. it's very much you.

    sometimes i wish i was the mminimalist, but i'm not either. it's funny... part of my dream house is a loft... a white studio loft with barely anything but art.

    but too boring. not for me. i'm very much a trinkets girl.

    charming house from the outside in.

  5. *you'd...
    and *minimalist

    geeze. i haven't finished my cup of coffee yet. ha

  6. I can't believe I missed this post! I love your house! My fiance would go nuts over it, seriously, it's great! Thanks for sharing.

  7. @micaela, your dream of a loft with white walls and only art on it is my dream too, but alas, I am also a trinkets girl... I have so many little things that I love and I am too sentimental to get rid of anything... I like knowing that everything I am discarding has somewhere to go and even better if I know and like the person. I don't want anything in the trash if I can help it.

    @cole, sometimes I miss posts too, but I am glad you like the pictures! The only thing I wish is that it didn't get so damp in the warmer weather... maybe our next house will be perfect, lol!

  8. Oh, I love the garden (so green! Very much unlike mine at the moment!), and the bookshelves, and the doggie! What a lovely place you have. :)