Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today is my Birthday and... Guess what?!?

Today is my Birthday, we will be having funfetti cake (mmmmm....) and.... Guess What?!?
Well there are two things, actually...
I am going Birthday Glow Bowling!
(I'm not quite sure what that exactly is, but is sounds absolutely marvelous!)
So it will be me and a BUNCH of buddies, hammin' it up on the lanes, in those FANTASTIC (and sanitary) bowling shoes...
...and 2.
I am taking the challenge of the utmost kind!
For the next 365 days, I am pledging to buy handmade or second hand.
There will be a few minor loop holes:
...I will not be buying any used under garments needed.
(mostly I think that would be icky)
...also, there may be a time where I need to buy some art supplies.
This will only be as necessary, however.
I will be trying my damndest to be creative with my creativity...
Any suggestions or advice in this field is greatly appreciated and accepted.
So off I go today to the vintage store down the road and across town to visit with a friend at her textile studio (Parker Brown Textiles in Rockport), where I have a few of my felted beauties on display...
Wish me luck!
(By the way, does anyone know how to get those confounded button/badges on to my blog? I can't figure it out, it seems so easy...)


  1. happy birthday!
    have fun glow bowling - sounds like it'll be a blast!
    i've been doing the challenge too... it's fun. a lot more thrifting and antiquing but i love it! i do miss shopping at anthro though... AND i do buy my crafting supplies... it's just too hard not to!
    so glad you're joining!
    as far as the blog button goes... i had a friend make mine. i couldn't figure it out.

    happy happy birthday! how old are you?

  2. Thanks Kassi!
    Yeah, I am very excited about the challenge... I actually just got a cute little number for tonight at my friends consignment shop... its so cute and funky! I can't wait to wear it.
    I want to put your button on the side of my blog, I love following your posts! I feel like it should be easy, but when I tried to copy the code it just posted that... I don't know!

    Oh, and I am the glorious age of 26... whoopieeeeee!

  3. yes!!! going Dottie! very cool! you can buy undies at discount stores very cheaply and since they are seconds, it is almost as good as second hand.
    I also buy some art supplies new, but only because I cannot usually find golden paints at thrift stores etc. but I do get lots of brushes paper and some other supplies at garage sales in summer.
    as for the badges, if you have a Mac you can just drag them to Iphoto I don't know how to do it with a PC.
    let me know if you need help going Dottie, I have been doing it for a bout 5 years now. cat

  4. thanks so much cat! good thougts! I dont wear underwear much anyways so im not too worried. There, now all my secrets are out (hee hee hee) and I most likely will but most of my art supplies new. Although, once building 19 had a ton of paint brushes of all different kinds for like 20 cents or 99 cents or something like that, it was wonderful, I wish that would happen again! (I love paint brushes and, like with pens, get attached to them)...
    Thanks for the thought on the badge. I do have a mac, and don't know why I didn't think of drag and drop! I am new to mac (like 3 weeks old) so I am still adjusting my brain!
    thanks for all your help!
    And by the way, I love your work, they are amazing!