Sunday, November 7, 2010

I love animals,
and sometimes (ok, many times) I prefer animals over people.
I feel very lucky that I have a very close and strong bond with my animal friends.
It is so important to experience the closeness and companionship of animals...
That is why I love seeing photos like these.

aartpixie:  Marion Cotillard

To me, it represents a strength and independence seeing a woman (in particular) with a close bond with an animal companion.
I love my dogs and I have an especially close bond with my female dog, Veda (who is actually more like a human that most humans are!).

We go pretty much everywhere together,
do pretty much everything together,
and I know that she is always there for me regardless of any situation or emotion.
I whole heartedly appreciate the undying love that she gives me,
all the time!
In return, besides love, she is probably most spoiled pup on the block,
but hey, she is worth it!
I know I feel stronger with her around.
I know I always have someone to cuddle with if I am tired, cold, sick or sad.
What an amazing friend!

Do you have any "pets".
Tell me about your relationships/bonds.

And please remember to support your local shelters (especially the "No Kill" ones!)!!!
There are so many animals that need safe and loving homes!


  1. Raven and I had a very strong bond and I miss her. When I am missing her I remember how she loved to run in the woods and on the beach. She loved the beach! When she saw another dog she would hold this alpha stance, so regal! The submissive dogs would roll on their backs, then she would play bow signaling she wanted to play. Raven was a special friend. She let me in to her dog world as I welcomed her in to my human world. She died last Dec. when she was over 15 years and now her spirit is free to run.

  2. what great memories! I am so sorry to hear about her passing, they really are such amazing friends and family! It sounds like Raven had a wonderful, long life!!!

  3. I understand what you mean. I miss my Chai. He was so intelligent and regal, with a massive head and paws. I felt blessed that we were such close companions and shared a truly unique bond. I knew he would always protect me loyally, greet me joyfully, trust me implicitly, love me unquestioningly, and make me laugh. His eyes and expression spoke volumes. I lost him last year when he was 13. He remained strong and healthy until the last couple of months of his life, and it was so hard to see him withdraw and fade. It was a bittersweet time, saying goodbye to my dear friend and welcoming my first son within a months time.

  4. wow, I really love how your put your bond with Chia.
    "I knew he would always protect me loyally, greet me joyfully, trust me implicitly, love me unquestioningly, and make me laugh."
    So beautifully spoken.
    Thanks for sharing, I am sorry to hear about your losing him, but congratulations on your son being born!
    Maybe one day you will have another bond like the one you had with Chai!

  5. you look adorable with your sweet doggie Veda! great post!! we do love our fur babies eh? Karma and Dharma are my two mini doxies and I can't imagine life without them!! xo

  6. Wow, those are great pictures. You look so good in them. What a nice bond you have with your dog. Be well!

  7. I couldn't agree more with your comment about prefering dogs over people a lot of times! Thank you so much for your sweet words on Jasper =) He is feeling SOOO much better today. With Jasper he's been living with it for many months. Most the time his spirits we high but we knew it wasn't right. It just recently got bad. As for your boy, maybe you should ask you vet for pain killers. I had a husky who was like you say yours is. He didn't seem in pain but he didn't function the same in his hips. He had bad arthritis in his hips so they gave him chewable pain meds. He was running the next day! It gave him 2 more years of a good life until cancer got him at 14 years.

    Now I have Jasper the Mastiff (who is jest like my boyfriend jake) and Echo the Akita (who is just like me) seriously! Both are lovely dogs and the best of friends!

    I wish you all the best with yours!!

  8. was this post ever for me !!! i lost my beloved and precious Buddy on March 3rd to heart failure...and it just about did me in. at times i wondered how i could ever go on without him. what a heartbreak, i have never cried so much in my life.but on april 20th we got Teddy.our second red toy poodle. Teddy is a dream..we LOVE and ADORE him so much. he has brought so much happiness to a VERY SAD home. yes. bittersweet. i was looking at pictures of buddy yesterday and started crying...again. but Teddy was laying right by my side, he looked at me...and jumped up and started licking away my tears....awwwww...dogs. i can't imagine life without one :-)

    sending love today.
    kary and teddy