Sunday, November 14, 2010

Very Fine House, Vibeke, and Lola Nova... This is for you!

Here we go...
This is WAAAAAY overdue and for that I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart!
Now, first and foremost I want to say THANK YOU!!!
There are 3 wonderful packages that I received from 3 wonderful people!!!

I won these lovely bird related beauties from a giveaway on Micaela's blog Dolce Vita.
It is a wonderful blog by a wonderful girl!
The gifts are from Kate at Very Fine House!
I love birds and was so excited when I won this!!!

I love them both!

Next, a HUGE thank you to Vibeke from a butterfly in my hair!!!
I LOVE her blog so much, she always has such wonderful photos to look at!
I signed up for her Pay It Forward and she sent me the most wonderful package of goodies!!!

First I opened the card... A Dottie Angel card! Amazing!
But it got better!!!
Next was a little package of all her favorite herbal teas.
I LOVE tea and drink it all day long!
So I can't wait to try these ones, they sound so delicious!
And last, she sent me 2 little faery tales wrapped in the most beautiful paper (shown under all the display of goodies).
They are absolutely precious and I love children's books, so I was very happy!
Thank you so much, Vibeke!!!!!

And lastly, but most recently, my Pay It Forward from Alex over at Lola Nova-Whatever Lola Wants.
Again, another spot on gift!
I couldn't be more appreciative!

First was a wonderful crocheted ornament which I cannot wait to hang!
Also, there was a wonderful hand sewn pouch... WITH OWLS!!!
I was so excited to see this, what a great personal touch!

And inside was a hand printed, hand sewn lavender sachet.
I LOVE lavender and thought this was a great addition because I noticed how wonderful the package smelled before I even tore into the beautiful wrapping!
(I also love her personal postcard!)
Alex, you really did a wonderful job, I love it all!!!

Whew! That was a lot!
So now it will be my turn to post another Pay It Forward which I will do in a few days.
I am sorry it took so long to share a post with my thank you's,
but I will have to blame it all on my finicky camera
which would not let me upload photos for a while.
Obviously problem solved...
After much time at the computer store and on the phone with the computer people and spending unnecessary money to fix a problem that wasn't really the problem at all...
Oh well, live and learn... Right?!?
*Much Love*

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  1. beautiful! i'm so happy when max picked your name on my giveaway and don't you love pay it forwards?! i think we should do more of them in every day life :)

    so very you packages! xoxo