Saturday, November 6, 2010

All photos by me.

And now,
The winner of the teacup giveaway is Twisted Sister!!!
And thanks to everyone for playing along!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

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  1. I love your lantern!

    Travelling with a parrot does take a bit of organisations, especially as we don't have a car! We use a cat carrying case when we travel with our parrot, Lily. She goes almost everywhere with us and is very well travelled! We modified the case by adding a little perch to the inside of it because she'd rather be perched on something than on the flat, and she seems quite happy on the perch.

    We tried putting seed and water pots in them, but that didn't work (she wouldn't eat or drink), so we make sure to take plenty nuts and fruit with us to feed her through the bars, and she takes water off our fingers. Grapes are our preferred fruit for travelling, because they're not messy and she gets a source of liquid from them too.

    When we're in buses, cars or trains she likes to look out the window, and this keeps her quite calm. But when we're walking through stations or out in the cold we have one of those big blue ikea bags that we put the case in. As it's not closed at the top this lets plenty air in, but just keeps the wind off the sides and stops her seeing out.

    She is a talker, but doesn't tend to make much noise when we're out. When she does, it's always a talking point with curious strangers!

    This time we were staying with my parents at a holiday cottage - they have a spare folding cage that I keep at their house for when we visit. They were travelling up by car so we got them to take the folding cage in their car for when we got there. It's quite a large folding cage - like a dog crate.

    We have bought several of these cages and left them at places we visit the most - my parents, my boyfriends parents, and my boyfriends sister. We got them quite cheap on ebay.

    I could write a book on travels with my parrot, so if you want to know anything else just ask!!