Friday, November 12, 2010

The Neighbors Pain-In-The-Ass Dog

You know, I love animals...
Especially Dogs, but this is too much!
I have 2 dogs that I take care of, one of which can't always make it outside to go to the bathroom and that is difficult enough.
I don't need a (large) puppy right now, that isn't even mine, chewing up my things!
Andy took my boots out of the car yesterday to take the trash out to the curb and forgot to put them back in and this is what happened.
Our neighbors have a dog that is (I think) part lab and part newfie...
And they haven't trained him at all!
It is kinda like that movie "Marley and Me", but this is worse because I have to deal with it!
I am so mad, they really shouldn't have a dog at all.
At least in the movie the people tried training him, in this case, our neighbors just leave him outside for everyone else to deal with.
He steals stuff, chews things, follows hikers, wanders... EVERYWHERE (including down by the busy road)...
It is not ok, and not fair to the dog who is sweet but needs A LOT of training!
I don't think he even knows his name.
I hate walking past him with Jacob because he knocks him down and I should be able to leave something outside in my own yard without the neighbors dog (who isn't even directly next door) stealing and destroying it.
What a morning...
Sorry for the rant, but I am just so fed up!
He has taken Andy's shoes before (which I didn't really complain about because they were really gross work shoes and he needed to get a new pair anyway) and they guy didn't even do anything, he just asked if we wanted them back.
Sometimes I wish people would just wake up.
A dog is a real responsibility, not just a cute thing you can leave in the yard.
What Jerks!
And with that, I am off to work, I hope you all have a wonderful day and that your shoes remain in one piece!


  1. Gosh I would be really cross if this happened. Very irresponsible of them. My parents neighbour used to let their dog wonder around the village. When mum and dad's dog was on heat they had her shut in the garden but she managed to escape and the lose neighbours dog mated with her and we had to pay £50.00 to the vet to get her the doggy equivalent of the morning after pill!

  2. Why haven't you got some video of the dog running loose and called Animal Control? Do this EVERY TIME the dog is loose. They owners will eventually get the point.