Sunday, November 6, 2011

Amongst other things...

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It's a wee bit frosty and cold this morning,
but the sun is out, so that is nice.
However, I think a cuppa tea is in order momentarily...

(Right now Posey is sitting on my shoulder
preening herself and quietly grumbling "yeah... yeah... yeah... yeah" to me under her breath while I type.)

Did I mention that I went to game night at my friends last night?
No? Well I did. It was my first time playing Pictionary.
It started off rather rocky, but after spending about 3/4 of the game stuck on the first space, we (we played in partners) moved quickly to the end and won!
It was a 3 hour game and totally hilarious.

Today I might go to the dry cranberry bog with my mom.
Then to my friends for a knitting circle later, I am determined to learn and finish a pair of socks by the end of this month (I started the one I am working on now about 4 years ago).

I want to make these.

“As the first leaves change their colors for autumn’s big show, we welcome the cool crispness in the air.”

One last thing:
Don't forget to check out Vibeke's blog 'A Butterfly in my Hair'.
I am giving away a crocheted necklace and you have all day today still to enter!
So go on, quick as a bunny!
Oh, and have a perfectly peachy Sunday!


  1. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! that turtle is so cute i DIE!!!!!

    i've always wanted to go to a cranberry bog. i hope you take some pictures!

  2. oh gosh! that turtle is adorable.
    i love your work! thank you for the opportunity on your giveaway necklace. truly.

  3. Danielle, i thought of you when i saw this photo!

    bon*bon, you are very welcome! thank you for the wonderful comments and for taking the time to look at my blog! xo