Monday, November 7, 2011

...what used to be the goat barn...

This is where I live.

This is actually the back side of the house.
It used to be the old goat barn where they had goats and a llama and chickens.
Kind of cool I guess, even with all it's flaws.
I always wanted to live in a converted barn.

I love the shadows the elder shrubs cast on the door this morning.
So lacy and alive.
The hardware on the doors were made in the forge which is the little building (now a rental) next to us.

We also have the skeleton of a greenhouse with a granite foundation.
I think we will be putting some of the firewood in there this year.
Maybe one day we can fix it up to be a working greenhouse...

I am blessed by the beauty of where we live.
Even if there are ungodly amounts of ticks and mosquitoes (thanks to all the vernal ponds),
but there are also loads of toads and frogs, which I adore!

I hope your monday where you are is as beautiful as it is here!


  1. brittan, your house is absolutely GORGEOUS! oh my gosh, i knew you said it used to be a barn, but i never expected something so magical! i could just imagine this somewhere in europe with a secret garden!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing photos of your beautiful home. I look forward to seeing more as the seasons change. xo j

  3. Oh what a beautiful place to be creating! So lovely!
    I like the idea that the house has such history of being used for sheltering goats etc. Thank you for sharing and have a nice week. x