Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Flaxen and Shining

The woods around my house at the beginning of sunset, looking out from the front yard...

I can't believe how golden everything is.
It looks like the sun has woven its light into the body of each leaf
or like the trees are drinking in flaxen liquor up through each cambium layer and into its veins.
Shining out from within.

I have also been enjoying the mellifluous sound of birdsong as they fatten themselves up with seed at our window feeder.
They land on the chimes on the other side of the door waiting for their turn at feeder and when they jump off in excitement, they jangle the metal pipes into reverberation!
So peaceful and melodic!

P.S. I've noticed a little green light/orb in third and fourth photo.
Do you see it?
What do you suppose it could be... faeries at play?...


  1. oh i do see that green orb - definitely faeries moving through those golden woods, enjoying the play of light before night sets in.

  2. Gorgeous photos. I do see the orb - how curious! I'm sure there are faeries, or other friendly spirits, out and about, enjoying the beautiful evening.