Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the great cranberry adventure: part 3

When we finally made our way back into the dunes towards the bog (and realized at that point, even though it was far, we didn't have to go quite as much further as we had anticipated), I had noticed so many beautiful textures.
The plover had made lacy tracks all over the dunes, berries and sticks that had dropped and were being covered back up, flowers and grasses that had gone past, were dried and standing still like a painting...

We found the right trail!
And when we got to the bog, we immediately got to collecting.
(Did I mention that not many people know of this bog? It's kind of like a secret...)
It amazed me how many cranberries can grow on these little tiny bushes that are so low to the ground.

We were trying to get as many as possible before we had to go.
We each managed to scoop up enough to mostly fill a 1 gallon freezer bag full and then decided the rest would have to wait for another day. (plus we were worried about being caught with the dogs since we were breaking the rules)

The walk back was definitely long, but warm and beautiful.
I can't believe how early the sun starts setting these days.
By 2 o'clock, I felt like it was 5:30!
I think the total trip was about 5 miles and if you have ever hiked in sand, you know it feels like at least double that!

So, the moral of the story goes like this:

Take the boat.

Just kidding.
Although we might take the skiff next time, if I were to walk in again, I would remember to bring food and water in my backpack instead of filling it up with layers I think I might need but don't. And of course, I always have to leave room for treasures picked up along the way, not to mention all the cranberries we pick!

This ended up being a 4 or 5 hour adventure and I had only eaten a scone for breakfast.
It was a good thing the orchard was open on the way home, I was starving!
I don't ever think a rustic meal of apple, cheese and bread with cider ever tasted so good!

So, any of you have any good adventures you want to share?
I love a good adventure tale!

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