Monday, November 14, 2011

It's funny how thoughts just pop into my head
and change the whole direction of my mood.
It shows how ruled I am by my emotions,
my mind and my heart.

It seems that it can change as quickly as a cloud can pass in front of the sun
and linger or sway just as quickly as it leaves...


  1. so true...i feel it the exact same way..


    ohhhh and your house looks like the cosiest place on earth dear friend. what a beautiful photo!

    i have had the most blissful day today:
    my body has shown itself from a better side so i have been able to do some cleaning and that gives me such a wonderful feeling
    a box of amazing gifts from a sweet sweet far away friend came with the postman today. what else...yes i have done some knitting, eating homemade buns and drinking lots and lots of jasmine tea. i LOVE days like these : ) now i am just waiting for the snow.

    kisses and hugs