Thursday, November 17, 2011

morning string theory

This morning I am thinking a bit about string theory.

There is a fine balance to everything.
Where everything is related and happens for a reason.

I have been thinking about how our environments and interactions inspire us, help form us.
This is whether we are human or any type of "thing" really.
The landscape is born our of the struggle between conflicting elements.
Our personalities, while I truly believe already have a mind of their own from birth, are partially shaped due to our struggles, our interactions with other human beings, animals, plants, environments, smells, colors.... The list could go on.
But it is that struggle, or what I call struggle, that I am thinking about this morning.

When I talk about struggle, there is that obvious emotion that pops up just from reading or hearing the word, but it can be a positive thing.
Like the idea that good can come out of bad (and vice-versa I suppose), light can come out of dark.
I find that many times it is this struggle that makes me do my best work. The struggle to show a deep emotion, the struggle to pay bills, the struggle to come up with a new idea...
These things can be frustrating, but they can also move us into a beautiful place if we let it.

I once read that stress can be the death of a friend or family member,
or the passionate kiss of a lover.
Struggle is all an interpretation and we all struggle in different ways,
all in different, valid ways.

There are so many times that I have been beyond frustrated, beyond upset, in a negative situation or mood, but I have come to realize that so many times, these situations make me a better person, a better crafter, a better artist in the end.
I can't say that I always enjoy being in these phases at the moment, but what is light without dark to show you how to appreciate it, right?
We have to loosen the reins just a little bit.

I often have a hard time with words, although I can seemingly speak clearly, many times I feel like I just can't quite get the proper words out to describe how I really feel. I can't do justice to my emotions and thoughts.
Maybe this struggle is partially why I love the visual arts so much.
It all comes full circle.
There seems to be a reason for everything, and if not, we can create our own homeostasis in our lives. It is instinct.

This is one of that string tangents that I often wake up with.
And this morning I was cohesive enough to get it out fast enough, type it out in the moment.
Maybe a bit rambly, but anyway, that is how mind mine works... Never in a straight line (maybe that is why I have such a hard time drawing them, ha!)

So maybe this reflection might be something you can relate to.
For me, my first creation of the day is a reflection of the morning sun!
A perfectly sunny felted scarf has sprung forth and is breathing golden light as it dries in front of the wood stove and awaits a someone to love it and adorn their body and warm their soul.

And with that, a happy Friday morning to all you sweetpeas!!!


  1. Thank you for this on this beautiful morning! Your words ring out so free and so true and I could relate, especially with not being able to get my pure feelings out of myself and expressed into words on paper or out loud. That struggle has always been a big one for me. You put your reflection here so wholesomely. Thank you for it:) Happy Friday to you! I can't wait to see your sunny scarf too!


  2. Brittan, thank you for sharing your thoughts which you have put beautifully and I can so relate to. Struggles and challenging times certainly make me grow and let me see and appreciate more of beautiful things around me. So it cannot be a bad thing ! - as it keeps me going and be more creative at leading own life :) A very nice read on Saturday morning, thanks. Have a nice week end! x