Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stringing along thoughts

My whole house is basically a studio space.
I always joke that I should sleep under the kitchen sink because the rest of the space is in use!
It is kind of a jungle in here with projects, supplies and plants as they start to come in out of the cold.

The spiders seem to quickly and eagerly take over, I can't keep up.
This house is granite and used to be a barn.
The stove has been lit more often than not, to keep out the cold and to keep out the damp.
And although we seem to be losing light, I am able to catch grand moments of golden rays peeking into corners and onto tables and in shelves.

I like having the indoors feel like outdoors.

I cut some of the last flowers in bloom to bring in and adorn my studio table.
I love their beaming pink, it opens my heart.

Lately I have been finding and collecting more and more treasures from nature,
feathers, bones, stones, shells, abandoned nests...
I think I need to find a little cabinet with a glass door to house these things so I can arrange them, study them, be inspired by them.
Do you collect things from nature?

Tonight is the opening of Present here in Gloucester.
It is a seasonal holiday shop open for November and December and I am very honored to be a part of it for the first time this year.
So tonight there is a celebration and I made cookies!

I hope you all are able to have a little celebration of your own of some sorts.
I think mini celebrations just might be the best,
what do you think?

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  1. i see we are both thinking a bit tangentially today...sounds like you are in a good flow though, easing into the colder months. good luck with Present!