Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the great cranberry adventure: part 1

So finally we had time (me and mum) and a good day to go to the dry cranberry bog to harvest cranberries!
I didn't know that they could grow in a dry bog, did you?
I also didn't know that you can't harvest them until after a frost, it helps them ripen...

We set off on this adventure with pups in tow, which, come to find out, they aren't allowed on the dunes... I know, breaking the law. We're such rebels. We had to be real stealthy...

It was so beautiful. I hadn't been to this part of the beach. The dunes are like a whole other world!
It was really funny because we found mushrooms growing out of the sand everywhere!
Did you know that they could grow in the sand? I certainly had no idea...
It was very twisty and turny back there and there were many beautiful views!

Man, I wish we brought water with us.
It was so warm, I think around 70 degrees (in November!?!) and of course we were both a bit over dressed.
So we definitely ended up barefoot.
The warm sand felt so good!

...To be continued...

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  1. those mushrooms popping up through the sand are incredible - it's amazing the places they will find to grow! can't wait to see more shots of the cranberry bog.