Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the great cranberry adventure: part 2

So, most of the photos are actually in the dunes and on the beach (and back in the dunes) leading up to the bog...

Anyway, I was following mum, but she had only been there by boat since it is waaaaay at the other end of the beach, so it was quite an effort to get to the marker where the bog was.
We traveled on the path a while, then got lost, then ended up back out on the beach and had to talk to a few different people to get our bearings.

The colors of the day were so perfect and the light that seemed to bleach everything out created a clean, dreamy effect. Such a peaceful place!

At the point where we had to go back onto the beach to try to get there, we got to see people riding their horses. This girl was mighty jealous!
We say a good handful of people riding their horses, I loved the sound of the galloping on the sand! We also had to use Veda as a shoe sherpa for a bit since my bag was getting filled with shed layers and beachy treasures.

However, we finally made it back into the right area of the dunes, not too far from the bog!
And for the rest of the story, you will have to wait for the last post. be continued...

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