Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A second trip to the bog (by boat this time...)

On Sunday my mom's boyfriend took us by skiff to the bog this time.
Let me just tell you, I am actually glad we walked in the first time because going by boat was WAAAAAY faster! *and super pretty*
Too bad it was too shaky to take any good photos on the boat...

We got a TON of cranberries.
I think I am going to bag some up and bring them to sell at the farmers' market next monday.
I was going to try to make chutney to sell too, but I don't think I will have time.

I have come to the conclusion that we need a rake with a scoop on the back to help get the cranberries faster. Also, we went further into the bog this time where it was wetter, the cranberries were HUGE and there were hoards of them compared to where we were picking on the first trip.

We had a good time, I thought it was especially amusing watching Dan (my mom's bf) trudging in his waders with his super "fancy" basket (read: found- or stolen- shopping basket).
And my mom thought that if she got a running start down one dune, it would be easier to get up the other side... It didn't work.

I think in all we picked 5 gallon bags full of craberries and Dan half filled his basket.
That's a lot of cranberries.

Now I have to do something with them.
I will definitely make pie and hopefully chutney when I have time.
Any other suggestions...?


  1. wow, that's so neat! i've always been curious about cranberry bogs, and i have a feeling if i ever went to one i'd eat more than i'd have in my basket.

  2. What a fun trip you had! The red colour on the ground looks so gorgeous!
    Can you do natural plant dye with them?

  3. danielle- that might be an awfully sour treat!

    erin- it was very fun! dyeing with them, that is a fantastic idea that i hadn't even thought of! might have to try it when i get a moment. do you do any natural dyeing?

  4. truly gorgeous. Can you dry them? I love dried cranberries in my cereal :)

  5. claudette- i bet you could dry them, either in the oven on low or in a dehydrator. i just freeze them, so i can use them fresh! but they would be good in cereal, for sure!!!

  6. I am only a very beginner in experimenting with natural dyeing inspired by a book by India Flint. Have tried onion shells and windfall leaves only. This artist Julie does inspiring eco print dyeing too :)