Monday, November 28, 2011

Due to this unseasonably warm weather, my garden seems to be still growing strong.
The peppermint is still growing, there is kale, chard, broccoli, sage...

Today I am realizing how much I need to get done for ladies' night in town on thursday (getting more things ready to go into the Present shop) and for my last fair on Saturday!
Today I am dying silk, felting owls and mermaids, finishing the nest mobiles I keep saying that I am going to make and trying to get a bit more organized!

Some things I am liking today:

-I have fallen in love with the Downtown Abbey series (thank you Vibeke for this link!)
-This blog and this blog
-I am trying to make time to knit this cowl

What are some things you are doing today?

p.s. don't forget about the free shipping for anything in the shop this week.
Just use the code SHIPFREE at checkout!


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