Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vivid Lucid Dreaming

Ah, I had such a wild dream this morning before I woke up!
It started off really crazy...

Escaping from jail with a couple of people and running from the people chasing us, etc., etc.,
but it ended with some great salvaging!
I was actually kind of bummed when I woke up because the finds were so good!
It was in an old house that belonged to a woman who was a collector, artist and creative mind from the early 1900's through the later part of the century.
I was allowed to go through and "rescue" anything I wanted!

The first thing I found was a matching set of side tables that doubled as jewelry box type things and there was 2 envelopes stuffed with $100 dollar bills!
And they were old and beautifully printed!
There was also a note with it explaining how she intentionally left the money for who ever was to find it because she wanted to share her money and it was fate...
How cool is she?!?
(although she did mention, too, that there was something weird about the money, but that part of the dream didn't really go any further)

It just got better from there,
I found beautiful jewelry- large, dramatic rings with labradorite, and quartz and topaz...
Stones and cabochons,
silk ribbons and yarns,
and amazing vintage clothing - everywhere from victorian style gowns, to vintage riding pants, skirts dresses, blouses...
It was amazing,
I can't even remember all of the incredible things she had!
It was everything I would have wanted!
And then I woke up.
I was kind of disappointed once I realized that it was a dream
and it was such an intensely vivid dream that it took a while to come back to this reality!
Why couldn't this woman been real?
Why couldn't this have been real life and not a dream?!?
It was a great dream though.
I wonder if it could be classified as a lucid dream?
I felt very in control of my emotions in the dream and how things were happening.
I wonder what it means?

Well, I didn't wake up to my pile of treasures,
but I did wake up to my current crocheting project.

And a link from a friend to craftgawker.com (thanks Cookie).
I have been wasting the whole day looking around.
There is some really great stuff on there!

Well, we are supposed to get some crazy thunderstorms today,
so I am going to go work on my project
and wait with wishes that it will happen.
I just love a good thunderstorm!
How 'bout you?


  1. Gosh a really amazing dream, I love having wonderful, beautiful dreams where you wake up feeling all happy and excited, although it can be disappointing when you realise the reality is much more dull. I love a good thunder storm.

  2. i often wish we could share dreams with friends. i'd pop a little disk into my ear before i fell asleep, then mail it to you in the morning, full of my wacky nocturnal adventures!

  3. That's such a great dream!
    I had an incredibly vivid dream that we were escaping from a polygamist cult in Wisconsin last night, veeeeeeeeery weird.