Thursday, April 21, 2011

Look Who Got a Haircut!

Veda got her little spring lamby haircut today.
I was sad to see her yeti locks go,
but although they looked wild and beautiful blowing in the gusty spring gales,
once you got your fingers in deep enough,
you would realized that she herself had started to felt!


Look at that wild moustache! (that is how I pronounce it)
It was seriously windy today.
What a darling beastie- right!?!
Oh, and the sand face is because she likes to eat sand for some reason.
This happens every time after she digs to China!


She is now a naked little lamb with a velvety fleece.
Its like spring gave birth to entirely new VedaLou!!!
She is as soft as she looks, too.
The second photo is of her curled up in a little puppy ball.
She likes to cross all her poodle toes and wrap them up under her,
like a cat...
Or a hen...
It is so cute
and quite charming!


  1. Reminds me of my sisters poodle, when he gets clipped he looks just like panne velvet he is so pretty but I like his bushy look like a huge wooly beastie, he is a standard poodle his name is magic but I affectionately call him crackhead because he is so hyper.haha he is a lovie

  2. ha ha! veda is a mix of lab poodle and setter... i have definitely met a few poodles that could be called crackhead, they are so sweet, but wacky! but i have also met a few that were the most mellow dogs ever! i love veda's wild bushy hairdo but she gets so hot when it gets warm, it is more comfy for her to be shaved (and less smelly if she goes swimming!).