Monday, April 25, 2011

New Growth

Today is a bit gloomy (again)
and I wasn't sure were to take Veda for a walk before the rain would start.
I ended up going towards the frogs that were singing in the woods.
What a great decision!
All sorts of things have popped up since I last went that way!!!


Jewelweed sprouts.

False Lily of the Valley.

Solomon's Seal.

I love moss.
While I was taking these pictures,
Veda was frog hunting and ended up in the swamp...
So much for the bath she just had!

"Mom, can we go yet?!?"


And American Sarsarilla...
You can see how the flower and leaves grow on different stalks.

Turkey tail mushrooms, both new and old.

And right as it started to sprinkle,
I found a frog!
I was hoping to get a better photo,
but I had startled him,
so I was lucky for this shot.

Now it is raining lightly
and I am trying to figure out what I want to work on...
I have been reading this book
and am really inspired.
I have been wanting to do some natural dying for a while
and now that things are growing,
I can start collecting and playing!!!

What are you up to today?
Working on anything new???

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