Thursday, April 28, 2011

giving up

sometimes i feel like giving up.
i know that sounds dramatic,
but what i mean is i feel like giving up on trying so hard.
there are some things that just can't be forced and only time will shift things into place.

do you know what i mean?

like when winter knows to give up because spring is awake and all her little buds and sprouts are pushing up whether the ground is white or not...

or like when you wish for something to happen so hard that nothing happens at all,
but as soon as you focus your attention on something else
and just work on being happy with what you have at the moment
things begin to flow
and wishes come true.

living in the moment.
slowing down.
living life with open eyes
and appreciating what is around you.
doing things your way,
for yourself,
to make only you happy.

this is what i am working on.

do you have anything you are working on?
a goal?

p.s. i would like to add a huge heartfelt hug to all of you that follow me and a gigantic yay!
and thank you to everyone who leaves a comment, it makes me smile!


  1. This little owl arts person is the best if you ask me...

  2. God I know exactly how you feel. I went through a total rutt in my life where no matter what I did nothing was happening and I wasnt getting any closer to being where I wanted to be, I had had enough and I told my husband I wasnt going to bother any more and I was giving up (this was on my dream of writing by the way!) after 8 years of working away at school, college and uni it seemed it had all been for nothing. So i resided myself to the fact I was never going to be a publish magazine writer and was going to end up in retail for ever. I knew I was so much more than that, so much more creative and not having my outlet drove me insane!

    And amazingly a few weeks after finally coming to terms with my decision, my doctor (of all people) asked what I did at uni, I told her and she said her husband was an editor of a local magazine and was looking for a fashion writer, and hey presto I go my first writing gig, I now have 2!! They are very low paid but it makes me happy, and it has challenged me to sod it and take more risks so I am going back to college to train in another passion I have and hopefully will work 50/50 in both.

    Ok sorry for major long post, it;s just I totally know where you are coming from.
    I'm you newest follower to by the way

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  3. oh man yes...

    I often feel like this...just giving up on trying so hard...sometimes in a good way...sometimes in a bad way. Sometimes I wonder why God chooses to make us work so hard...I'd really like to know the end goal on all of this...

  4. When i feel that way,
    I walk outside
    and DECIDE to be happy
    The sun still shines whether things go my way or not... there are still great things one step outside my door. I try to focus on those things instead :)