Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It is soooo beautiful out today and finally sunny!!!
Oh, man!
Look at all that hair (yes, Veda has hair, not fur)!
It is so funny watching the wind blow her mustache around,
sometimes it goes up and looks a bit snarky and evil!

I decided to take Miss Lou to the beach for a nice romp and to collect some driftwood.
We had so much fun,
Veda gets all crazy at the beach.
She even knows the word so if you say it she does this crazy cute head twist...

She's so funny!

Anyway, we played with a found ball,
she ran around in circles (she is part setter, so she does setter circles),
she dug in the sand-
then ate sand (yuck!).
We scavenged and collected-
I found a bunch of great driftwood For some projects that I have in mind
and some really pretty dried seaweed.
Veda found a dead seagull
and then seaweed which she shook and ate (just the seaweed, not the gull)...

It was great fun,
and so beautiful,
I love having my right hand lady to come places with me.
I feel very lucky that I have such a loyal
and loving pup!

Now I am going to try to get some gardening done
and possibly go spend money I don't really have at the yarn shop.
(we have a great yarn shop here in town, with really funny people who work there)
Hope you are having beautiful weather where you are!
What are you up to today?


  1. Yey for the sun! It was very sunny here in the UK today, so sunny I actually got burned, eep!

  2. Yay for sun & a pretty day at the beach! Veda is so flipping cute but that water must have been COLD!

  3. Hi! New follower on Twitter, here. I love your pictures- especially of your dog. Makes me want to take my dog back to the beach...

    Happy Wednesday!