Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Owls

I finally got some owls into the shop!
And there will be a few more coming today...

These little guys are really special!
I get all the wool locally- raw!
Much of it comes from sheep that were rescued,
they now live in a great home
and are very well fed and have had a happy, long life!

I spend a lot of time preparing the fiber.
This means I pick it clean and wash it,
then after it has dried,
I do all they dyeing myself with a non-toxic acid dye
(which means that I use vinegar as a mordant).
Next the wool is ready for felting.
I use a felting needle to sculpt these little hoots to life.
Each one is different,
one of a kind...
They all have their own personality
and are very sweet!

Also, each one has a big heart on its chest,
and a string attached so that he can hang in a special place
if you don't want him sitting out on a counter...

And they make great gifts, too!
(*hint: easter, mother's day, graduation, just because...)

Hope you are all enjoying your week!


  1. Ahhhhh!!! These are way too cute!!! The little night owl in me just went whoooo-whooooo!!! :)


  2. Very sweet. Utterly impressed how you manage to craft them with SO MUCH CHARACTER!

    PS. Dog = spoodle (aka. ball of fluff)

  3. Seriously, these are some of my favorite things in the entire world. They are so flipping cute!

  4. Eeeee, they're SO adorable!! ^.^

  5. what a lovely bunch of cute owls! and what gorgeous heart-melting eyes they've got!

  6. They are adorable...I've been wanting to learn to make little cuties like owls for awhile. One day I'll have to just sit down and do it. I'm off to check out your shop!