Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Perfectly Sublime Wishlist

Well, today has been a bit rambling and time has flown by,
but I did get a few things done!
I was hoping for some sun today so I could photograph some of the new 3 dimentional creations I have been working on,
but they heavens had else-what in mind.
So, I am taking a break and have compiled a wee list o' things I would LOVE to call mine...

I am in love with this sweet pebble ring.
*slightly random fact: I really like the word pebble.
It just sounds good and feels good when saying it.
(I know, kind of strange.)
Pebble adjustable ring

I am a scarf-o-holic.
This is a great one for spring!
A little classic, a little romantic and a little cowgirl.
the chunky summer shawl - white

I have admired and enjoyed the art of Golly Bard for a while now.
This new one is so fantastic!
Beetles Weevils and Flies No. 9 original watercolor painting

I don't even know where to begin with how freaking awesome these leggings are.
I don't think I would take them off if I had them.
(well, except to wash obviously, ha ha ha!)

I love these crocheted baskets.
The shape feels so good and organic,
slightly abstract and slightly reminiscent of a fruit or vegetable!
The Pod Family Baskets

This photo is just perfect,
don't you think?
The Life of a Pirate 8x10 print

Definitely check this shop out, I love pretty much everything in it!
Tiny Succulent Garden Necklace

I think my jaw audibly hit the floor when I saw this amazing faery gown.
Definitely love.
Woodland Nymph .. Antique Flapper Gown

I feel like I am in need of a good pair or two of boots.
One pair would be a perfectly worn in pair of brown equestrian boots
(which I haven't found yet)
The others most definitely should be these!
Not to mention that they have FRINGE!
vintage 80s FRINGE burnt siena metal SOUTHWEST medallion slouchy boots size 7

How has your day gone?
I wonder if we will ever get the thunderstorm they keep predicting?
That would be dandy.

I am off to continue creating,
to tempt and invoke my muses
and manifest.
Good Evening!



  1. super finds! thank you for including my painting among them!

  2. lovely picks my dear!
    thunderstorms are headed our way and i'm EXCITED!

    thanks for including us here :)
    vera and victor vague

  3. i love the pebble ring... and after repeating the word to myself a couple times... i like saying the word too :)

  4. I love your taste! :)
    Thank you for including my pebble here! :)


  5. i had that necklace on one of my wish lists! i love it's so pretty! i love succulent plants so it just makes sense right? great choices!

  6. lovely picks!
    i also love the sound of the word pebble :)
    and the life of the pirate photo was oooo soooo perfect.


  7. hi again

    i forgott to tell you that i can't understand the words on the last illustration either! think it's german..

    thank you SO much for the lovely words kind owlie,
    they made my really glad :)