Saturday, April 9, 2011

This Golden Moment

that is a big sigh,
letting it all out
and soaking in the goldeny bliss of the sun.
Went to the beach again today (with miss Veda-lou, of course),
I love the still and quiet that settles in my soul when I am present
and that is where I am present most.
The shore,
with lapping waves
and cyclical tides.

I sigh because I (finally) got my feet wet.
I shed my beloved rubber boots
and waded around in the icey, salty seawater.
I splashed my face
and dampened my hair.
It felt so good.
And then I was still.
I sat on the sun sultry stones
and soaked in the rays of the golden light.
That's when I could really feel the settling inside.

Veda could feel it too.
She sat beside me,
the amazing companion that she is,
and watched
and listed
and soaked it all in.
We are quite the pair,
she and I.
This is very true.
We have great adventures together.
I love that crazy, hairy beast!
And now I am off to enjoy this settled moment in my soul.



  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful words! I so envy you for living near the beach. LOVE your shirt with the yellow cuffs btw :)

  2. thanks! it was a thrift store find... a plaid shirt (2 sizes too big, ha!) with bright yellow lining. i love it though, i think it was from old navy originally!

  3. Sounds like a totally amazing day. I also spent Saturday outside and felt so much better afterwards. I love the painting you did for your header! I think you should definitely consider adding paintings of your awesome crocheted rocks to your shop. Have a great Sunday!