Friday, April 15, 2011

Nesting No. 3

As many of you well know,
I have a fierce love of birds.
I love watching them outside
and at the feeders
and in the garden as the scrounge for worms and grubs.
I collect feathers and also nests
(that are no longer being used or returned to each season).

Lately I have been working on a few 3 dimensional pieces
inspired by the instinct of nesting.
I have been working towards using the drift wood that I have been collecting,
to use as part of some sort of sculpture or mobile...
Or both!
I have been incorporating crocheted and woven elements,
from hand selected yarns and some of my hand spun, hand dyed yarns
as well as forms with hollow cavities representing said nests.

They are to hang on the wall,
or from the ceiling,
or maybe even out in the garden!?!

I think a big part of this project manifesting is that,
although we have a home,
it isn't really ours.
We have been here for about 3 years,
but we never really feel like we are staying or that we can stay for any real length of time.
I have always longed for my own home.
It doesn't need to be a large house,
just enough space for us to live
and for me to have my own studio.
A place that I can dedicate to,
have a permanent place in (well, permanent for my time on this earth),
a place I can settle and plant gardens around
and dedicate to tending those gardens year after year.
Maybe a few chickens running around the yard...

Maybe this is my way of putting a prayer out there,
to help to manifest this place I will call my own,
bring it into physical being.
My nest.

This piece will be in the shop later today.
Feel free to let me know what you think,
do you love birds, too?

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