Thursday, April 28, 2011

Textures outside my door

I can't get over how amazing nature is.
I love the texture,
the depth,
the color.

The flow in motif of each fiddlehead and fern,
and each tree's bark.
The delicate structure of woodland flowers and leaves
and each decorated fungus.

The smell of the rich,
sweet de-composting forest floor.
Of deciduous tree bark
and pine sap.
Moss, lichens and ferns covering boulders
and downed branches.

It makes my soul glow.

The dampness of leaves breaking down
feels like home.
And I love the familiar faces that I see in the bark on trees
and the branches swaying overhead,
each whispering their own chatter in an exotic idiom.

Do you love the forest as much as I do?
What do you love most about it?


  1. The only woods near me is a forest of city buildings, unfortunately. But I do love nature, and these photos are especially gorgeous. The 17th photo of the budding leaves really captures the essence of springtime and rebirth.

  2. Fab photos and lovely words. Thanks for your message on my blog, glad you like my new hair-do!

  3. I love the views of texture you have shown us here, I am always taking pictures of texture on just about anything I find interesting, texture is one of my favorite things to add in jewerly designs on pieces that I make.

  4. i love outdoors.
    i've always been a forest lover...
    but as of late i'm finding a new appreciation for the desert.

    these pics are really great.


  5. This is a very pretty blog, I love your appreciation for colour and texture. I love plants and the spring flowers lately have been delighting me... even the tiniest white petals falling from a tree are things of beauty!