Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweater and Hoop

Oh, yes.
It is tuesday!
And that means,
Two Things I Love... Around My Home!
I have been trying to be productive the last few days,
I think I haven't been as productive as I want though...
But I did make a new nuno felted wrap scarf
(that will be a different post).
the first thing that I am totally loving around my home is actually a sweater.

I found this for $5 at the thrifty store the other day...
I have been in search for a traditional Icelandic sweater,
for cheap,
but so far this is the closest I have found...
But I do love it,
and it is very warm!

The second thing I love around my home is my hula hoop...

I usually make my own,
but I traded this one with a friend and I love it!
Ok, so I made a silly little video,
my first ever video...
But I can't seem to get it to post, it just keeps loading and loading...
So sorry, I guess the computer was trying to same me from some embarrassment!
ah, so there you have it!
My two favorite things around the house!
What are your two favorite things?
Play along and then link up over on Kassi's blog.
Have a happy tuesday!


  1. cute sweater..what a score....

    nice going....

    more later

  2. I want to see you hoola hoop, I'm sure you're about a million zillion times better than I am :)

  3. well, if I was better at making my computer work, you would have seen me in all my glory today, ha ha ha! But no, it had to fight me on it, tease me with the loading signal... I finally gave up because it just wasn't doing anything! oh, my.

  4. cute sweater!
    oooh, i want to see the video - i wish it worked!
    i love that you make your hula hoops! how do you do it?
    thankf for playing along brittan!

  5. i love these series because you really get to know a person better. Like the hula hoop? i love it! get that video working ;)

    and thrifty finds... it's always AWESOME when you find something as perfect as that sweater.


  6. that sweater is so perfect! what a deal too. and hoola hoop? well, that's just plain awesome!