Friday, February 19, 2010

A peak at what I have been working on...

So along with making the hula hoops, I have been working on some Nuno Felted Wraps.
I have been trying to get my stock up for a gallery that wants some when they open back up in March...
I also want to have some to post in my Etsy Shop.
Luckily I had a store in Ipswich called Luna Tuna buy a whole bunch of hoops and felted wraps, so I have to get busy making some more!
So here are a couple of photos of what they are...
(I had a little bit of a fit the other day after taking the pictures because most of them came out horribly and don't give a good idea of what I make. Sigh... But luckily there are a small handful that came out nicely!)

Thanks for taking a look!
What have you all been up to?


  1. lovely work and I love the one with the blue sky peeking through the branches!

  2. These are really gorgeous! I've always thought I wanted to try felting, but it's on my list of about 100 things I'd like to try, so there's a chance I may never get around to it!

    I've been planning to take some pictures of Flojo through the weekend, so I can do a special post just for you sometime next week!

  3. Oh yeah, and I meant to say that the second picture looks like a work of art itself! With the branches, wrap and sky, it almost looks like a mixed media piece! Very pretty!

  4. Danielle, felting is a lot of fun! you should definitely give it a go! and thanks for the comment about the photo, that one is really the only one that I am happy with, but not necessarily for showing the piece! oh, well, thanks again!

  5. Beautiful, they look magical against the snow!

  6. i see dottie angel there..i am falling in love with her...

    love what you have been working on..i did needle felting for a while..i should get back to it

    happy saturday, my friend,

  7. did of you see buddy..his real name is butterscotch...but we have been calling him buddy forever..he is 14 years old, blind, and has a collapsed trachea :-{

    but he is doing good. i have to hand feed and water him..and carrying him outside..he is ALOT of work..and he is the love of our lives..we have had him since he was 8 weeks old...

    good to see you today, my friend
    kary and buddy