Friday, February 5, 2010

Five Questions Friday

Good morning and happy Friday, Y'all!
I love playing along with other blogs on things like 2 Things I Love Around My Home on Tuesdays
And Wishlist Wednesday's....
So I thought that I would do a Five Questions Friday!
I would love for you to play along!!!
Feel free to leave a link back to your blog in the comments so I can take a peek at what you write!
Here we go:

1. My favorite smell is either the smell of spring rain, you know when the ground unfreezes and you can smell the sun on the earth, or they way that Posey smells. She smells so incredible, like flowers and birdy musk!

2. When I was little I really enjoyed making chocolate chip cookies with my dad. He always wanted to add more butter to make them crispy, but I wanted them to be like the commercials (all fluffy and gooey)... Now I like them with extra butter though!

3. Today I am wearing jeans with a green jersey slip and grey striped empire sweater dress and my new fave silver bangle... And of course I will be wearing my new flower pin from Cole on my scarf!!!
here see:

4. My favorite texture to touch is feathers, wool when I am spinning it into yarn or dried paint, like on paintings (I like to touch the things that I am looking at).

5. If I could have any meal right now it would be a chicken dinner: baked chicken with stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce, smashed potatos, creamed pearl onions, baked squash, mixed greens salad... BTW my man, Andy, is an awesome cook! He makes this kind of meal sometimes and I eat until I can't move! YUM!!!


  1. One of my favorite smells if Flojo's smell! It's so hard to describe it, but I'm just glad she likes to snuggle against my cheek so I can just breather her in!

    I really love your outfit! I adore sweater dresses and wish I could just have a whole closet full of them! Sadly, I only have 4 (and one is too small...thanks to my big butt).

  2. i love the smell of spring and of cucumber scented lotion! and OH. MY. GOSH. Your owls in your etsy shop are the cutest things ever. I am obsessed with owls! Gah!

  3. A )I love your outfit
    B) Can I have that meal with you?

  4. ha ha ha! of course cole! anytime, come on over to the east coast!!! we will have some of those fantastic caramels you sent with dessert!!!