Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting to know you...

I love ducks, aren't these guys soooo cute!!! Someday I will have my own duckies!!!
So the Giveaway has ended,
but I will be choosing the winner and posting it later today...
So stay tuned,
it might be you and I might be needing your address to send your prize to....
There just might be more than one winner!!!

Until then, I am answering the questions from Kassi's sisters blog Mann Land 5!
Keely is great,
you should check out her blog!

The questions..

1. How many piercing's do you have? 4- 3 total in my ears and my nose.

2. I love the sound of.....? light rain, a crackling fire (in designated fire places) and birds... not necessarily bluejays though, at least not in the morning.

3. Favorite city? I haven't been to too many cities, I am more of a country girl, so I will just say Boston, since I live close to it (and it is a nice city)

4. Colts, Saints, or could care less? I could care less... and that goes for most sports in general.

5. Frozen yogurt or ice cream? Depends on the flavor and where it is from. I don't like when they taste like they have crappy ingredients (and if you have had really good frozen yogurt or ice cream, you can taste the difference... or feel it later!).

6. Favorite appetizer? oh, that is a hard one, does it include soup or salad? I guess it depends on where I am eatting... hmm, well if it includes soup, I like the butternut squash bisque from Passports uptown here, they serve you real, huge popovers before the meal and they are incredible! Actually those popovers would probably be my favorite!

7. What item in your closet currently makes you the happiest? Oh, I can't choose that. I guess it is my grey stripped sweater dress, it is so comfy... But I also love leggings, and all my skirts... I would like to have more dresses though, that would make me happiest I think!

8.Favorite facial moisturizer? I make my own from an herbal skin care book. I actually use have 2, a morning and an evening... they are real simple and smell great! the morning one has thyme, rosemary, lemon and chamomile essential oils in hazelnut oil and then evening one has rose, frankincense, neroli and lavender essential oils in a mixture of jojoba and hazelnut oil. They are the only ones I have used that don't aggravate my skin (its really sensitive).

So those are my answers! you can play along too, just copy the questions and answer them in a post and then visit Keely over at her blog to link up!

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  1. i have been seeing your name around on my friend's blogs, so i decided to come check you out!

    so happy i did!

    i love your blog, can't wait to

    oh and the sound of light rain is my favorite too:)

    oh and you