Saturday, February 27, 2010

First of all, YAY!
We just got our power back today!
What a craaaaazy storm!
75 mph winds and LOTS of damage.
I feel so thankful that the powerful wind spared our house and car!
I am pretty good at roughing it, but I really do appreciate running water,
as well as electricity...
Luckily we have the wood stove and it wasn't too cold
and luckily there was no snow or ice!

I want to take this time also to send my thoughts and prayers out to all of the people in Chile,
as well as Hawaii
and Haiti...
I have no words for these tragedies.
I can only send my most sincere and loving heart energy to them.

So now here are a list of things that I am swooning over...

Owl Candlestick

Sparrow Hooks

Owl Book Ends

Small Oil Lamp

Sisal Storage Basket

French Food Cover

Chinoiserie Tea Set

Paisley Teapot

Malabar Pots

Lemonwood Tableware

Little Pantry

Naia Bag

Helix Sandals

Greta Sandals

Lilibon Bathing Suit

All these amazingly beautiful things (that I wish I had) via Plumo
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!
(with power on!)


  1. VERY cool candle stick holders, bags, tea pots and cups!

  2. Those are all so beautiful!
    I'm glad your power is back, I thought of you when I heard how bad the east coast weather was.