Thursday, February 11, 2010

I love Fringe

Um, so I am totally in love with Fringe...
It is also filmed in Boston which is wicked cool!
(note: "wicked" is a very Boston term!)

I am so weird because I am very sensitive
about what I watch,
I have to keep it light...
But I LOVE this show!!!
I also LOVE Joshua Jackson, so that helps...
ooo, he's so cute!

I only brought this up because the whole 1st season came
in the mail from
(LOVE netflicks!)
Fringe marathon!!!
I don't watch religiously or anything,
so this is great because I missed a bunch of episodes
and now I can catch up!
Oh, and I also realized that you can watch these online
(oops, I will do that next time and just order movies on netflicks instead!)

What shows do you like?
What do you like about them?


  1. when i was in highschool i did this school in DC for a week & hung out with people from Boston. now everytime I here "wicked" I think of them!

  2. I LOVE this show too! so good!