Friday, February 12, 2010

I always, sometimes, never...

It Must Be Love, Love, Love ... by Peter Kurdulija
Is this not the cutest thing ever!?!
Ok so I found this awesome giveaway from Madness of Mundanity
via Red Boots (love her blog!).
So All I have to do is answer these questions.
How fun and what a great giveaway!
(I am totally hoping to win this awesome giveaway, ha ha ha!)

I always:
make lists.
am indecisive.
cry when I watch a happy or sad moment on tv or in a movie.
like wearing leggings.
love my pups and my bird.

I sometimes:
get everything on my lists done.
get annoyed really easily.
can be pessimistic.
can be optimistic.
am goofy.
am good at things and other times I am not.

I never:
like the sound of the vacuum cleaner or blender.
like when I am lied to.
eat tiramisu (it absolutely disgusts me).
seem to get anywhere on time.

So there you have it, check it out and play along!
...little owl


  1. i think i could only honestly play the i "sometimes"...i don't think i'm consistant enough to always or never.
    fun list!

  2. haha this is quite fun! :) i LOVE lists, but I never ever complete them. haha! i'm definitely going to do this later!


  3. okay, that's the cutest picture ever! i found your blog through the always sometimes never giveaway, i also blogged!

    nice to meet you!