Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Hooping Video

Ok, I bet this will completely embarrass me later, but here is the video.
I am not sure why I didn't take my sweater off, it got really hot...
I cut out the parts of my throwing the hoop into the birdstand and the ground and, well, almost everything else (including the dog, sorry Veda, didn't you already learn about this... ha ha ha)...
Oh, yeah, and the song is by Sia.
Here goes...


  1. You Rock, Sweet Lady! Good job!! You've got a really nice flow going!!

  2. Thanks... It was a brave move to put myself on video and on the internet! I hate how I sound on recordings, I won't leave messages on machines if I don't absolutely have to cos it is just wierd! (I think that makes me wierd... Ha ha ha!)

  3. ADORABLE! and I love your voice!! xo

  4. This makes me happy! ...And I love your voice, too.. :)

  5. Oh my gosh, you are a hula EXPERT! That was so awesome that you could do all of those tricks! Now I want to go get a hula hoop!

    Completely off the subject, I was surprised that you didn't have an accent!