Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FIrst post today, etsy favorites...

Ok, so yesterday I was with my mom and we stopped in one of the consignments shops that actually has good clothes in the area...
Its called Forget-Me-Nots
and I had a total score!!!
I will post about that later,
after I take some pictures of the items I found
(most of which were given to me free, YAY!!!)

So, until then,
I thought I would post some more of the things that I like from etsy...

Looooove this skirt! (and the top, too)
floppy wool skirt - herringbone

ooo, love this shrug... but hate the word shrug, ha ha ha!
Repurposed Cotton Texture Shrug - Green and Yellow Stripe

This shawl is so beautiful!
SHIPS IMMEDIATELY - Light Green Mohair Warm Shawl with Fringe

I love this photo, the colors, the look, the thread...
Vintage Thread Series 1 Metallic Fine Art Photograph

I love this photo, is this considered bokeh?
4x6 Beach Grass - Fine Art Photograph

I love this little bird!
Little City Hoop--Bluebird/Merci

Love this print, too!
Cargo (1)- 9x6 Fine Art Print

Ok, so I didn't really search these out...
Mostly they were on different stork front page features,
But I still love them,
and I think that this array all go together nicely!
and I will be back later with a post about my thrifty finds!!!
Until later, then...


  1. i adore that first tweed skirt! so cute!

    oh...and just thought you should know that i love every time i come to your blog and see your shepherd in the photo on your side bar. it makes me smile :).

    hope you have a good day!

  2. Aww, thanks Lauren! Jacob is such a good boy, I wish I could do more for him, he has some problems with his back legs and it has been difficult... Well, at least he has a good and loving home and he wasn't put down (which is what was going to happen to him before we unintentionally rescued him).

  3. I love the skirt at the top, i could see myself in that.
    You got things for free? Thats amazing, looking forward to seeing the pics!