Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look what came in the mail today!!!

I was so extremely happy today when the postman came to my door. And although my postman is a bit odd (I miss my old postman from when we lived across town, he was so great!), I could forgive him his strangeness for dropping of such lovelies today!
This is what came from my friend over at Adventures in Love and Happiness:

It is wrapped so cleanly and beautifully. You see, I am simply terrible at wrapping, usually because I am so excited when giving something, it's all I can do to keep myself from screaming out what the surprise hidden (unwrapped) behind my back may be...
And so here was my beautiful giveaway win that I have been eagerly awaiting!

First of all, let me say that the beautiful brooch that Cole made is even more beautiful in real life. I was so excited that I immediately pinned it onto my sweater and ran to look in the mirror! (Swoon!)

Did I mention how much I LOOOOOOOVE this?!?!
As I was admiring my new gifty, I realized the color matched my nuno felted scarf that I had made earlier in the year! So I immediately wrapped myself up in my scarf and fastened it with the pin...

Oh, my! I am in LOVE!
SO... that was wonderful, BUT what made it even better was that she sent me the most amazingly tasty caramel! I am in total heaven!
If you don't know Cole, or haven't been over to her blog yet, you most definitely should! She is totally awesome and her blog is so great and she makes the most wonderful things!!!
Thank you, Cole!!!


  1. Ahhhh! You are too cute! I'm so glad you like the pin!

  2. thats awesome! i love to win giveaways & to get mail. our mailman at work is a bit strange too. he annoys me everyday!

  3. That is a really pretty pin, and you're so pretty too! I L-L-L-LOVE the sweater you're wearing! I have a hard time finding cute sweaters...I think I might be picky.

  4. i love the brooch and it goes so well that beautiful scarf!

    you are really pretty. YAY to your win BB!

    so happy for you and happy mail :)