Friday, February 12, 2010


Uggg, there are so many things I have been in love with and wishing for lately...
But I guess sometimes it is nice wishing!
Maybe one day some of the things will materialize in my possession,
well, we'll see...

I am madly in love with these... oh, man, I can imagine my little tootsies all happy in them!
Felted slippers --- Handmade to Order

I would be such a cute little chicken in this!
lemon layered mini flapper dress with origami pleats - one of a kind

This amazes me, I felt, but I am still learning and this is beautiful!!!
Felt wool violet pink purple nuno silk handbag 'At other end of rainbow'

I don't wear much jewelry anymore because I am always working and having to take it off, But I looove this ring!
Shades of blue ring - Raw Sapphire and sterling silver

This is another owl thing I am kicking myself for not buying because it didn't cos that much and, well... Darn it!
Fantastic 3D Owl Family Portrait Wall Hanging Sculpture - Simon Harris - UK - EnglishPreserves

Ok, last, but not at all least, I am completely drooling over this find (actually I found it through Bliss).
It is supposed to be for children, but I am a child at heart and totally heart it!!!
Acutally, I loooove everything in this shop!
Twitter Birds - Adhesive Fabric Wall Stickers / Decals

Ok, well that's it...
What I am wishing so hard for,
amongst a few other wonderful things,
which maybe I will post another day!
Happy Friday my Lovelies!!!
...little owl


  1. I love the ring, owls and wall decals. And I really love the pillows and bed in the picture with the wall decal!

    I hope you have a good weekend! xoxo to you and Posey bird!

  2. you are a cute little chicken no matter what you are wearing. xo

  3. @danielle, I love that last photo, I want that decal so bad!!! ha ha

    @cat thanks, your so sweet!

    have a nice weekend ladies!!!

  4. These are all super cute. This morning I was looking @ your etsy and realized as much as I love your owls I ADORE your freaking bunnies! The polka dotty one is so freaking cute. Now it's on my wish list.