Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sprouts, Stones, Wool and Fire.

We have life!
It has definitely been like the beginning of spring should be here in New England.
We have had a few balmy days,
which lead into cold days,
and there seems to be a constant strong gale blowing all about.
I was excited today to see some of the things in the garden poking up through the decomposing leaves and whatnot.
I am excited for the daffodils and tulips and crocus and chionodoxa.

And my garlic made it through the winter!

And of course,
I'm still obsessed with crocheting stones.
I have been playing around with a new color-
which I am really liking!

Part of it is because I have had to pretty much teach myself everything.
I knew VERY basic crocheting,
so it has been a wonderful challenge figuring how to make all these chains and knots turn into a delicious pattern.
I would love to learn more lace crocheting patterns.

I have also been collecting stones and harboring them under the stove,
(since free/knick-knack/collection space is limited in this here abode)
I found a really great heart shaped one, too!
Man, do I love this woodstove!
It is such a wonderful hard working contrivance.

I am always collecting smooth,
or pretty,
or unique stones anyways.
I especially love that we have a beach here in town
with these ones that have been tumbled in the briny waves
and been beaten against each other left together on the shore.

Whenever I take something from nature,
I try to be respectful and to leave an offering or prayer of thanks.
I have also been trying to get ready for the fair that I am vending at in a couple of weeks.
I have been working on stocking up on felted owls.

Now I need to catch up with mermaids!
And there are a few more nuno felted scarves,
and cuff bracelets
that I am hoping to get done in time.



  1. I can't believe you already have sprouts coming up! Yay for spring!

  2. Omg!! Brittan I am loving those stones with the red crochet!!! Beautiful!! Seriously breathtaking, and those felted owls, the night owl in me just went who-who!!!! Loved this post ;) Yay!!! For Spring and sprouts, lots of love Dulce amiga!! xo