Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a day at the beach

Good afternoon!
It is raining here today,
so now I am even happier that I got to spend a good part of the afternoon yesterday
with Andy and Veda at the beach down the street.

It was wonderful,
like a scavenger hunt.
Although Veda spent much of the time looking for crabs under Andy as he moved the seaweed in search of them...
It was quite amusing!

The storms this winter really did a number on the coast line around here
and this little beach was no exception.

I did find a whole bundle of weathered treasures though!

And I found so many beautiful textures and things to photograph!

Which now makes me want a new camera...
One with the ability to really zoom in
or get really close up to little, tiny subject matter.
Any suggestions?
And I have been working on using the manual settings on my (digital) camera,
which I am really liking!
How are you enjoying your day?

1 comment:

  1. Looks wonderful! All the textures are gorgeous. Did you bring a ton of driftwood home with you?
    I'm saving for a DSLR right now but they're so pricey!