Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am sorry for my absence,
I have been sick in bed for days now...
Ugh, it is terrible!
And of course,
it has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL out!
I am itching to get into the garden,
but until this fever and cough/extremely painful soar throat goes away
I am stuck inside for the most part.
(I did sit outside in the sun for a little bit yesterday, yay!)

I thought I would share the photos I took on Monday of the sheep shearing I went to.
These are some of the sheep I get fleece from to make my owls and yarn.
It was a wonderful time,
I helped with the skirting
(cleaning the fleece of unusable parts before rolling it up and storing it)
and then we were all invited in for a wonderful lunch of shepherds pie and apple crisp.
Mmmm, it was so good!

You can tell the animals all knew it was shearing day.
But don't worry, it doesn't hurt them.
It was even better because Kevin, the shearer, uses the old school shearers.
No electric!
He was so skilled, it was amazing!!!

Hope you are all healthy and enjoying this glorious weather.
Oh, and don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!
I'm going back to bed now.

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