Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little Adventures

It was so beautiful out yesterday.
Veda and I went on a little adventure to the brook.
It is a great new little path that we just found!
I love flowing water,
especially when there are bubbles from it flowing over rocks and branches.

Don't you love robins?
Not only are they a sign that spring is definitely here,
but they are pretty fearless.
I was stalking this little guy around the yard and he was pretty tolerant!
I was within only a few feet of him
and even then,
when I was too close for comfort,
he just hopped away a little bit...
But only for me to follow (he he he).
I thought I might do some bird paintings later.

Well, I am making lists of things to do inside
since the next few days seem to call for rainy weather...
I heard we might even have a nor'easter,
although I doubt we will here on the North Shore,
it will probably just be raw and gross and rainy.

Hope you enjoy your day!


  1. I love Robins too...and funny enough, I think the females are more beautiful:)

  2. oh this looks likes a great hike/walk. my dog would love that. i'm looking for moss like that so i can take some home and make this sort of jar plant project i've seen at farmer's markets so pretty!

  3. i just love your style and how connected you are with nature and animals!

    you're a bit of a my dream girl Brittan! ;) xoxo